Alumi-Span – Dock Sections

Boat Dock Sections

The Alumi-Span system uses 4″ high “F” shaped side stringers that hold a variety of different deck materials. Standard deck sizes are: 10’X4′, 10’X3′, 8’X4′, 8’X3′. Choose the smaller sizes for even lighter weight. Series “B” sections come in 5’X4′ & 5’X3′ sizes. Dry weights of all sizes are shown below. Special sizes can be built up to a 12′ length to accommodate the exact width of your boat lift for easy boat canvas removal.


Deck Materials

Anodized Aluminum Deck

Alumi-Span originated the all aluminum boat dock in 1955. Nothing’s lighter – nothing’s cooler – nothing’s stronger. Better yet, these decks offer superior value since they last almost indefinitely. Don’t be fooled by cheaper “non-anodized” units. Anodized aluminum is also the easiest to clean. Unlike some competitive units, our decks are made with a strong alloy and our acid-etched anodizing process will not turn black over time. Deck boards interlock together and then are fastened with stainless fasteners. Tough adhesive is added to eliminate squeaks and rattles.




Vinyl Deck

White, Sand, Grey
No flimsy plastic here! Our strong vinyl deck design includes a unique center aluminum “U” support to provide a solid feel. These decks are much lighter than pine and cooler to walk on. Don’t fall for super heavy “composite materials” that fade and sag in hot weather. Some competitive decks have lots of holes making them very uncomfortable to walk or lay on. Many vinyl decks squeak – ours doesn’t! It’s great looking and comes in three colors. We can also build two styles of simulated wood grain on special order.




Western Red Cedar has the advantage of being less expensive than our no-maintenance aluminum and vinyl decks, but unlike pine, it only weighs a little more. It also looks great, especially when ordered with our optional oil finish. Cedar is naturally resistant to fungus and rot. 4′ wide sections come with a supported aluminum center “T” stringer to prevent sagging over time.







Treated Pine

Our most economical deck still includes anodized stringers, premium grade lumber with very few knots and corrosion resistant fasteners. Treated pine, while heavier, is very strong and lasts for many years. 4′ wide sections come with a supported aluminum center T stringer to prevent sagging over time.






If you have an older wood decked Alumi-Span dock or some other brand using 4″ high aluminum side stringers, you can usually rebuild it. The most common way to rebuild the sections is using new anodized aluminum deck material. This offers substantial savings over the cost of new aluminum sections. Advantages include light weight, no splinters, and easy cleaning. Best of all, it will last virtually forever.






Our wood decks use only premium grade materials but their longevity can be enhanced with factory staining. The boards are individually stained before assembly assuring 100% coverage. The stain has an attractive red cedar tint and lets the grain of the wood show through. Typically the bottom of the decks doesn’t have to be re-stained and the tops will resist deterioration for up to five years.







STANDARD DECK SIZE10' x 4'10' x 3'8' x 4'8' x 3'5' x 4'5' x 3'
TREATED PINE148#124#118#94#
SERIES B55#45#

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