Docks & Hoists

At Indian River Marina we understand that the hoist you put your boat on and the dock you have to enjoy the exceptional view your lake front property provides you are just as important as your boat choice. We believe that by carrying the Alumi-span and ShoreMaster lines we are offering the best products and values to complete the entire experience of boat ownership at a lakefront residence. Our sales staff has over 25 years of experience in designing selling and installation of docks and hoists. Allow us to use this experience to help you get the best dock and hoist for your requirements as well as your budget. We also carry an inventory of parts for both companies for your expansions, replacement or repairs.


ShoreMaster Docks & Lifts

If you’re looking for a boat lift or hoist, you already have good reasons why: Your boat’s hull can take on all sorts of abuse when left in the water, from organisms and corrosion to the damaging effects of wind and waves. That’s why your boat’s best friend is a ShoreMaster Lift. When your boat’s work is done, the ShoreMaster Lift’s work begins. The ultimate in boat mooring and protection, ShoreMaster Lifts are strong and durable thanks to our aluminum welded construction throughout. Forget those heavy steel cradles and parts that can rust with age. When you un-float your boat with a ShoreMaster Lift, you enjoy lightweight, maintenance-free operation for years to come.

Cantilever Lifts

Vertical Lifts

Hydraulic Lifts

Alumi-Span Docks & Accessories


Since 1956 Alumi-Span has been a name that people trust.  Whether it’s a complete boat dock system or the individual components, we manufacture our products using quality methods and materials.  Best of all, Alumi-Span means “Made In America.”  Forget cut rate boat docks or the cheap Chinese parts normally found on the internet.  Many Alumi-Span boat docks are still in use after more than 50 years!  That’s values you can depend on.
Easy to Install

Alumi-Span sells a number of devices and components that not only reduce installation times, but also make it much safer and easier to install your boat dock.

Alumi-Span offers a variety of unique accessories that add convenience and function to your boat dock.

We sell all of our individual components right down to the nuts and bolts. These can be very useful for modifying or upgrading your existing boat dock.

Dock Sections


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