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Manitou Boats, located in Lansing Michigan, is the leader in pontoon innovation. Manitou has set THE standard for performance with their Patented V-Toon Technology an innovation so significant it was awarded a broadened U.S. Patent distinct from the original patent. Think tritoon Pontoon with an ingenious twist—instead of building all three toons to uniform size, Manitou made one toon larger, centering a 27″ center aluminum tube 1.25″ below the outer tubes. This provided the optimum 5.25″ differential. Manitou then fitted the tubes with strategically engineered positive angle lifting strakes. The results? Dramatically enhanced planing, performance, and efficiency. Imagine a pontoon that accelerates, planes, and turns much like a traditional V-hull boat at high speed. Better yet, try one and see it in action for yourself.
What’s your Pontoon boat personality? Whether you’re aiming to sunbathe in style on the water, fish in comfort with easy access to storage, show off some serious sports muscle, or kick back with family and friends, Manitou has the Pontoon boat for you. From luxury Pontoon boats that prove surprisingly affordable to fast Pontoon boats that combine safety with performance, Manitou loves coming up with new ways to delight our customers.
Indian River Marina’s relationship with Manitou goes back over twenty years making us the longest continual dealership in the state of Michigan and one of the oldest dealerships in the country. Indian River Marina is as committed to customer service and satisfaction as Manitou. Come experience the stability of a triple tube with the performance of a V-hull when you test drive the best High Performance pontoon on the market at the High Performance pontoon dealer of Northern Michigan, Indian River Marina.
Indian River Marina is your best location to try and buy your Manitou pontoon boat. We are always ready to take qualified customers on a demonstration ride. Or maybe you just want to rent one of our eleven Manitou pontoons for a day on the Inland Waterway. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? No worries, we’ll work with you to custom order the Manitou of your dreams. It’s easy – give us a call, we’re eager to help!

bullets_SHPThe Sport Handling Package (SHP) delivers the ultimate in pontoon handling technology giving the user the capacity to thoroughly enjoy a maximum HP from 175 – 300. To achieve better performance, our Barracuda nosecone design and positive angle lifting strakes enable the SHP to withstand higher speeds and rougher water. In addition, all Manitou SHP models come standard with SeaStar Power Assist Hydraulic Steering – giving you unrivaled control as you carve effortlessly across the water.


In Stock Manitou Pontoons

2019 Manitou XPLODE RFX – 25′ SHP w/300HP Evinrude G2 *SOLD*
2019 Manitou Encore RF – 23′ SHP w/250HP Evinrude G2 *SOLD*

2019 Manitou SES Bench – 23′ SHP w/250HP Evinrude G2 *SOLD*
2019 Manitou Oasis RF – 23′ VP w/150HP Evinrude *SOLD*

2019 Manitou Aurora LE RF – 23′ VP w/150HP Evinrude E-TEC *SOLD*
2019 Manitou Aurora LE Std – 21′ VP w/115HP Evinrude E-TEC

2018 Manitou Aurora LE RF – 21′ VP w/150HP Evinrude E-TEC SOLD

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