ShoreMaster – Cantilever Lifts

The ShoreMaster cantilever lift is the “Original All-Aluminum Boat Lift.” Cantilever models lift the boat with a pivoting motion. A cantilever lift is generally easier to crank up than a vertical lift because the pivoting action effectively transfers the weight of the boat to the frame. They are also mechanically simpler than a vertical lift with fewer moving parts to wear. Designed for non-fluctuating waters of over 2.5 feet, the simple design of one cable and three pulleys offers proven performance for years of maintenance-free operation.

ModelsWeight CapacityInside WidthLift HeightActual WeightStandard Leg LengthOverall WidthWinch ModelCanopy Length
1200 PW1200 lbs64"28"125 lbs36"66"DL 120213'x64"
401084000 lbs108"40"380 lbs36"132"whisper23-27'
401204000 lbs120"40"395 lbs36"120"whisper23-27'
501205000 lbs120"40"420 lbs36"132"whisper23-27'

Need help determining weight and beam? See the NADA “Blue Book” at

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